What is the difference between “unmounted” and “cling”?

Unmounted rubber means it is the rubber sheet only.  There is no backing or cushion.  Cling cushioned rubber stamps or Cling Stamps (category on Amazon, Ebay, and various craft store sites) means that the rubber sheet is mounted with cling cushion foam.  The foam has a liner that is peeled away and the stamp is most often used with an acrylic block.

Do you offer retail packaged stamps ready for retail sale?

We offer cling stamps retail packaged only in certain sizes as single stamps. Retail packaging not available for collections.  If you are an existing business and want to add single, cling stamps to your existing product line, contact us for details.

What is the physical characteristics of the cling foam?

Our cling cushion mounting foam is 1/8″ thick, gray cushion.  It has a static property that allows it to readily ‘cling’ to the smooth surface of an acrylic block.  You simply peel the liner paper and place the stamp onto the acrylic block.  When you are done stamping, you just peel the stamp off the block and store onto a polycarbonate smooth surface such as a laminated card stock.  Never place cling cushioned stamps onto acetate, as it would lose it’s cling capability.  You can re-charge the cling static by rubbing the cling stamp onto a cotton surface.

What are your rubber stamps made of?

Our proprietary blend of natural gums rubber is calendared here in the US.  We have the natural gum rubber mixed so that it is a perfect blend of ingredients to make the best rubber stamps for durability and versatility.  Having us make your stamps, you will be able to tell your customers that your rubber stamps can be used with any crafting inks on the market.  Additionally, you can reach various crafters since your stamps can be used onto many surfaces including specialty papers, wood, metal, glass, fabric and clay. This is added value places deep etch, natural gum rubber stamps above clear stamps.

What is the turn around time for production?

Typically, orders from new setups take 10 to 15 business days and re-orders take 5 to 10 business days to ship.  Peak seasons include early Fall (for the Christmas season) and February/March for spring shows. You can always check with us first before placing your order to find out the current production lead times.

What shipping methods do you use?

We ship via USPS Priority Mail, UPS and Fedex.  You are responsible for all shipping charges, taxes, or any applicable customs fees for your country.  Shipping charges are calculated based on weight and destination.   We can also ship on your 3rd party UPS or Fedex account.