The best image file format to submit for rubber stamp manufacturing is:

.tif or .tiff one bit line art (LZW compression for PC)

actual size at 600 dpi

Also acceptable formats:




We do not accept: word or .pdf files

When ordering COLLECTIONS, your artwork file should be sized as the intended stamp sheet size.Alternately, when you order SINGLE stamps, your artwork design needs to be sized the exact dimensions as the intended stamp impression. If you’re unsure about preparing files for production, ask us and we will offer guidance.If you need help creating file layouts, we offer graphics design services (additional fees apply).

For example, if you are ordering a 4 inch x 6 inch sheet, your file should measure 4 inches x 6 inches at 600 dpi with 0.25 inch margin all around. So, the useable design area is 3.5 inch x 5.5 inch for a 4x6 collection.

All sheet sizes require a 0.25 inch margin.

Above: Example of a 4 inch x 6 inch layout file.

All sizes margin requirement: 0.25 inches

Spacing between designs recommended: 0.25 inches

Your artwork style needs to be true line art. One bit line art is the only format used for rubber stamp production. This artwork is only black and white pixels; there are no gray or color pixels. If your artwork contains grayscale, then either you can edit and resubmit or have us convert it into one bit line art (graphics editing charges would apply).

Free Image Evaluations

Confidential, free evaluations have been key to providing excellent rubber art stamps to our customers. It eliminates any surprises and gives you the confidence that your designs are ready to go into production. All artwork submissions are only used for pricing quotes and pre-production evaluations to make sure it will make good stamps. We do not use your artwork for any other purpose.

Simply e-mail your files to susan @ Be sure to include the intended stamp image size(s).

Below Wholesale Pricing

Volume discounts enable you to order your stamps well below wholesale prices. You get a faster return on investment and larger profit margins when selling to both retail and wholesale customers.

Private Label

You maintain all of the copyright(s) to your original artwork. We manufacture your rubber stamps confidentially and you maintain creative control to all of your art. Our experience and commitment to quality, combined with your passion and creativity, insures the growth of your profitable rubber stamp brand.

Market Advantage

Customers worldwide appreciate the quality of deeply etched art stamps made with natural gum rubber. By selling your designs as a quality product, your time will not be wasted on customer service issues.

Our ability and expertise for producing fine detail in stamps, gives your product a wider market appeal. Your stamps can be used with any type of stamping inks on a wide variety of surfaces including specialty papers, fabric, metal, glass, ceramic tile, cork, wood, plastic, and clay. This gives you access to more of the crafting community. In addition to your rubber stamps appealing to paper crafters & scrapbookers, they will also be sought after by creators of hand made items including jewelry, mixed media, altered art, fabric and clay artists.

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